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Montegrappa Italia Blue Rollerball

Montegrappa Italia Blue Rollerball

وضعیت: موجودموجود
انتخاب رنگ و گارانتی :
قیمت: 6,270,000 تومان
قیمت: 6,100,000 تومان
تعداد سفارش :

شرایط خرید پارکر لطیفی

Viva Italia!
Montegrappa’ s love for Italy has become with time a particularly cherished tradition, giving birth to a number of best-selling, patriotic writing instrument collections.
The tradition is to refresh the design every few years: for 2016, the new line will arrive within the standard catalogue, and is merely called ITALIA.
Lastly, each pen features a pocket clip terminating in the Montegrappa ball to allow easy ingress and egress to and from a pocket. Offered in the three ink-delivery modes of fountain pen, roller and ballpoint, Italia is available in three colours. Its clean, smooth, pearlised resin cap and barrel can be ordered in black, white or azzurro. Its trim is gold-plated in the black and white versions, and made in palladium for the blue model.
The profile is classic and sober, uncluttered but enriched with the Tricolore resin pattern on the cap’s top ring and above the threads that delineate the barrel section containing the pen tip. The barrel’s end terminates invariably with a fancy red resin accent.

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