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LatifiPen 60th birthday
LatifiPen 60th birthday

Latifi Pen Company provides high-quality products to all over the world.actually they have online marketing besides stores and you can shop without going out. LatifiPen Company has diverse products that’s useful for different ranges of ages.You can find your proper goods in this company. This company is one of the oldest and the most popular stores in Iran. We present some information about 60th anniversary of this company.

In the early 60s, the Latifi Pen group started operation in Tehran. Until today, it’s provided services to culture lovers and writers in Tehran and other cities. In Iran, this precedent in the Stationery Class is exotic. February of this year is the 60th anniversary of the Latifi company. Congratulations 60th birthday to all customers, loved ones and companions of these years, on behalf of all those involved in the Latifi Pen group. And thank you all for staying with us and supporting the company all these years.

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Parker Latifi 60th birthday

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Tehran is Naderi st. Once this special and nostalgic neighborhood of Tehran was a gathering place for Iranian poets, teachers, intelligentsia, artists, scientists and literary people. In February 1961, Parker Latifi Store was established by Mr.Latifi at the height of Naderi st. 's fame. The main purpose of this group was to provide high quality writings to the Iranian people. Over time, Parker Latifi’s company became one of pioneers of the stationery class because of excellent customer orientation and the provision of high-quality goods.  Nowadays, after 60 years, Parker Latifi’ company prouds to make a great contribution to the promotion of Iranian culture, science and literature by offering a variety of attractive collections of pens, auto graphs and other common writings.

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More information about Parker Latifi’s collections

Writing is one of the most important  inventions of humans. The prosper of science and literature and the establishment of a modern economic, social and political system would not have been possible without its usage. The important role of stationery to promote the culture, literature and science of a country can be found by considering this. That’s why many advanced and progressive countries are pioneers in the production and usage of high-quality and luxurious stationery and they are highly regarded. Large factories around the world are working to produce luxury and beautiful pens, and many collectors are  looking to collect exquisite and complete collections of them. Over the past 60 years, Parker Latifi’s company elegantly andprecisionly has provided the best and finest autographs and pens in the world and this company presented them with the best quality and after-sales services to the Iranian society. Over the past 60 years, Parker Latifi’s company has been one of the most stationery distribution centers in Tehran and Iran by providing high quality and beautiful pens with after-sales services. Parker Latifi’s services and products are not limited to Parker’s brand and you can get a variety of autographs and pens from the world’s major and luxury brands. Parker Latifi’s company sells high- quality Products from brands such as Lamy, Waterman, Pelikan, Sheaffer and Mont Blanc. It is worth noting that Parker Latifi’s company is also a pioneer in providing online stationery services (such as sales and after-sales services) in Iran. This means that compatriots from anywhere in Tehran or Iran can access the finest pens and autographs in the world and they can use the after-sales service of the Parker Latifi’scompany  .

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Parker Latifi 60th anniversary greetings

This February is the 60th anniversary of Parker Latifi’s company. Congratulations to all customers, loved ones and companions of these years, on behalf of all those involved in the Latifi stationery company on their 60th birthday and thank you all for staying with us and supporting the company all these years. Parker Latifi’s Company is proudly ready to serve Iranian culture and art with a tireless effort and a stronger spirit than before. In addition to buying online or attending Parker Latifi store in Tehran, also you can find out about products and prices by joining the social networks of Latifi Stationery Group. The main motto of this complex is providing high-quality and worthy products and services for Iranian also contribute to the advancement of the culture of this country. Parker Latifi has taken important steps to promote Iranian culture during his 60 years and today is ready to serve dear Iranians as a specialized center in the field of collectible and economic stationeries.


The relationship between stationery and culture and education

Stationery is an occupation that is related to the culture of a country directly and it’s a kind of link between cultural and educated people of society with each other. Stationery is a source of educational necessities for teachers and academic professore, students of different educational levels, people who are active in art fields such as calligraphy, drawing and painting and other visual arts. That’s why they are looking for the tools they need in the writings.

Parker Latifi Group store serves the culture of the society as one of the most experienced stationery stores in Tehran. Also, stationeries are the favorite stores of writers, poets, etc.

Some of this issues related to the printing, duplication and binding of books are also related to stationery, and a beautiful scene is created here where all of these people meet and argue with each other in these places, and a beautiful show of gatherings is formed by people with different intellectual fields, all of whom have come to the same place is looking for what they need.

Focusing and redirecting stationery to elementary school products and children

In recent years, most stationery has gone towards selling the diverse and colorful products needed by children and primary and preschool students.Perhaps one of the reasons is the low price and higher profit margins of these products, or maybe  most customers are from these age groups. but has largely changed the space of stationery, and maybe other stationeries don’t meet the needs of other groups. For example, a person who is looking for an official design of a notebook or book should search through the notebook warehouse with fancy and colorful covers to find what he needs. And about the notebooks required by the office environments, a person has to go to several stationeries to find a formal design.In general, the former cultural environment of stationeries are dimming and it’s more for selling elementary school student’s products. Most stationery stores focus  unlike the Parker Latifi’s group

Unlike the Parker Latifi Group, most stationery stores have full focus on children and elementary schools.


Introducing Latifi’s Stationery Group

Since February 1962, Latifi stationery store has started to work to date, it has had a lot of services to its customers, which it is its duty to advance the culture of Iran. Parker Latifi is the first and only pen hospital in Iran and it has 60 years of experience serving customers, which is unique and original even in most other jobs and classes. These experiences in interaction with customers have made Parker’s stationery group fully master at identifying the needs of customers.Latifi Stationery Group has continued its original and former path and has not gone towards the new fanfare of the stationery market.This means that Latifi Stationery Group offers a type of specialized products that in addition to ordinary customers, a number of specific audiences and customers have been attracted to this store and have gradually become its constant and permanent customers.   Parker Latifi Group's specialized products are the world’s top and famous brands of autographs.  These brands are purchased exclusively from global centers and along with other materials and accessories such as high quality ink and ink tanks are available to Latifi Stationery Group, which also offers them to its customers.

Parker Latifi's diversity of brands in the field of autographs will surprise you.


Latifi Stationery Group Address

One of the topics that people are always looking for is the nostalgic and memorable old topics and places. areas of big cities like Tehran is a hangout place of these people because of the interactiveness of this group.

Latifi Store location is located in one of the oldest and most strategic cultural streets of Tehran (Old Naderi Street, which is the center of gathering of teachers and poets, etc.) And it's still one of the most special streets in Iran.

منبع : www.Parkerlatifi.com
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