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Jotter 125th Anniversary
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قرمز - زرد - آبی - سبز
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Parker Jotter 125th Anniversary

پارکر ژوتر 125 ساله که به مناسبت 125 سالگی کارخانه پارکر تولید شده است. پارکر ژوتر یکی از پرفروشترین مدل های ژوتر در دنیا می باشد که تا امروز 750 میلیون عدد از این قلم در دنیا فروخته شده است.

Parker Jotter 125th Anniversary


The Jotter is popular dynamic and personifies the social side of writing. It is internationally renowned for its reliability and affordability making it a perfect everyday companion.

125 years have passed since 25-year-old visionary George Safford Parker teacher in telegraphy found himself frustrated with leaking pens and decided to create the Parker pen company. Firmly believing that It will always be possible to make a better pen George S. Parker set the route for a long line of breakthrough technology innovations establishing the company as one of the world's leading fine pen brands.

Parker Jotter ballpoint pen in a special Parker 125th anniversary edition (1888 - 2013). Cap has an etched surface with Parker 125 Years engraved on the barrel. First introduced in 1954 the Parker Jotter remains one of the best selling pens in history - over 750 million have been sold worldwide! One of the most important designs of the original Jotter was the rotating refill - still used today. With every click the Jotter's ballpoint rotates 90 degrees so that the ball wears evenly as you write. Equipped with Parker's new premium QuinkFlow refill in blue medium. Check our store under Refills & Accessories for additional refills for Parker pens. Made in France. Gift boxed.

  • Jotter 125th Anniversary

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