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LAMY spirit - لامی اسپریت
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LAMY spirit – Made in Germany.

Ballpoint pen in ultra slim design. Body and clip in one construction. With push mechanism. Available in high-quality palladium finish or high gloss polished stainless steel.

Designer: Wolfgang Fabian

The need to make the effective and economical use of material resources is given primary importance in the Lamy product concept. This makes high demands on the creativity of both product designs and manufacturing technology. Unlike the products of other companies, where this demand for detail can only be recognized by an expert, it is conspicuously visible on both the LAMY spirit ball point pen and mechanical pencil. With a diameter of only 6.1 mm, these slender writing instruments are recognizable slimmer than ordinary ball point pens or mechanical pencils. The components necessary for holding and using the lead or refill, and using the instrument, have been reduced to a minimum to save materials. This was only possible by the use of innovative manufacturing technology. A pierced gripping section, body and clip form one unit and are created from a single stainless steel sheet in a few automated processing steps. In both writing instruments, the mechanism is pressed into the gripping section. As a result, the appearance of the contemporary high-tech design reduced to a minimum goes more than skin deep. It is an expression of our awareness of our responsibility to make the most economic use of materials and has only been made possible by innovative ideas in design and manufacturing technology.

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