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LAMY scribble - لامی اسکریبل
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LAMY scribble – For powerful sketching and accurate note-taking.

Ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil with two refill sizes for creative writing and sketching. Distinctive ergonomic form.

Designer: Hannes Wettstein

What used to be a piece of charcoal, is today, in the hands of many creative people, the LAMY scribble. Architects, designers and art directors for example love using it to sketch and illustrate their ideas Because it has a soft 3.15 mm thick pencil refill, its short, bulbous body can be held quite loosely in the middle and, conveniently, the clip can even be removed. But what about all those whose trade does not involve pictures but has more to do with the written word? Lamy has, of course, thought of them too. They have at their disposal the LAMYscribble with its finer 0.7 mm refill and also as a ballpoint pen. Likewise, in black or in black with contrasting trim with a high-quality palladium finish.

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  • Lamy scribble
  • Lamy scribble

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