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Armenian Pen ( English )

The ancient name of the capital city of Armenia “Yerevan” was “EREBOUNI”, after which we named this initiative, under the slogan “Rebirthing towards eternity”. “EREBOUNI” (“Էրեբունի“, as written in Armenian) begins with the capital letter “Է”, which is the seventh in the Armenian alphabet. The capitalized “Է” is not a mere letter for the Armenians, it is first and foremost the proper name of the Lord of Time and Eternity, God (Ex 3, 14).

In this particular case, “EREBOUNI” is the pen as spiritual, intellectual and peaceful reminder of the tragic events that occurred 100 years ago in our nation (1915-2015). Every commemoration has its past, which, always rooted in the present, runs to seed towards the future. The past, the present, and the future, in one word – time, the cosmic evolution – always flow inside the perpetuity of “Է” (“E”). This “Է“, the past and the future, the present of temporality and eternity, to whom the eminent Armenian poet Taniel Varoujan, martyred in 1915, called up, saying: “Thou art everything. Thou art Life. Thou art Eternal Love. Let me bow before Thee with profound piety.”

This “Է“, carved in gold on every high altar in every Armenian Church, informs the beadle of the presence of Divine Eternity in human temporality. Indeed, every past that ceases to exist in the present will have already failed to attain the future. Consequently, the past that has its present, therefore its future, on earth as well as beyond the grave, begins to take part in the Absolute and in the Eternal. Only thus, rebirth from the temporal to the perpetual. Through rebirth, into eternity. This is the mystery of our “EREBOUNI”. All the Armenian symbols ever presented upon “EREBOUNI” decree this truth.


گروه پارکر لطیفی با ارائه ی برترین و معتبرترین برندهای نوشت افزار دنیا، و ارائه ی خدمات پس از فروش آن ها، این امکان را برای مشتریان خود فراهم آورده است تا صاحب بهترین ها باشند و با خاطری آسوده درباره ی کیفیت و اصالت نوشت افزار مورد نظرشان، به خرید آن ها بپردازند.


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